Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Matthias Finger

Prof. Matthias Finger
Honorary Professor at the College of Management of Technology, EPFL

Matthias Finger is a practically-minded academic, specializing in the network industries in the communications, transportation and energy sectors as transformed by liberalization and more recently by digitalization. He helps governments better regulate their infrastructures and firms operating in these industries – public and private ones – to better navigate their regulatory environment. His expertise lies at the interface between technology, economics and politics. He is also in charge of the application vertical “critical infrastructure” at the EPFL Center for Digital Trust (C4DT).

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Adrian Perrig

Prof. Adrian Perrig
Full Professor, Network Security Group, ETH Zurich

Adrian Perrig is a Swiss computer science researcher and professor at ETH Zurich, leading the Network Security research group. His research focuses on networking and systems security, and specifically on the design of a secure next-generation internet architecture with a particular focus on the design, development, and deployment of the SCION Internet architecture. SCION (Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks) is a proposed Future Internet architecture that aims to offer high availability and efficient point-to-point packet delivery, even in the presence of actively malicious network operators and devices.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Marcus Keupp

PD. Dr. Marcus Matthias Keupp
Head of Department of Defence Economics, Military Academy at ETH Zurich

Marcus Keupp studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim and the Warwick Business School (England). After international activities in the industry, he settled down in 2004 in Switzerland. Marcus was a research associate at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen where he obtained his PhD (summa cum laude) in 2008. Since 2013, he is a senior researcher and lecturer in military economics at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich. In 2020, Marcus edited the book “The Security of Critical Infrastructures” published by Springer.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Gregory Falco

Prof. Gregory J. Falco
Assistant Professor, Whiting School of Engineering and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory research institute, Orbital Security Alliance

Gregory Falco is a cyber civil engineer who designs, builds, and investigates critical infrastructure’s digital layer. For a decade, he has been at the forefront of smart city design, development, and deployment in industry and academia. His research uncovers the security, safety, and trust risks of AI-enabled mission systems. Falco invents and holds patents for security and resilience-enabling technology for terrestrial and space autonomous and control systems. He applies his research to the energy, space, public safety, transportation, and insurance sectors. He earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cybersecurity, Urban Science and Infrastructure Management.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Prof. Dr. Stefan Pickl

Prof. Stefan Pickl
Universität der Bundeswehr München

He studied mathematics, theoretical electrical engineering and philosophy at the TU Darmstadt (diploma 1993, ERASMUS scholarship at EPFL Lausanne), 1998 PhD (TU Darmstadt), 2004 call to the C4 professorship for operations research at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and 2004/05 habilitation (University of Cologne). From 2000-2005, Mr. Pickl was a research assistant and project manager at the Center for Applied Informatics Cologne (ZAIK), where he was mainly responsible for “Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Resource Conflicts – Analysis of Complex Systems”. Since July 2005 he officially holds the chair for Operations Research at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Vincent Lenders

Dr. Vincent Lenders
Director of the Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T)

Vincent Lenders is the Director of the Cyber-Defence Campus and head of the Cyber Security and Data Science Department at armasuisse Science and Technology. He is also the cofounder and chairman of the executive boards at the OpenSky Network and Electrosense associations. He graduated with a MSc and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from ETH Zurich and was also Postdoctoral Researcher at Princeton University. He has led during eight years the Swiss military research program on “Cyberspace and Information” and he was Industrial Director of the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC) at ETH Zurich from 2012 to 2016. His research work has appeared in more than 120 publications at peer-reviewed international conferences and journals and has received various best paper awards.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Stefan Brem

Dr. Stefan Brem
Chief Risk Officer and Head of Risk Analysis and Research Coordination at Federal Office for Civil Protection

Since 2007, Dr. Stefan Brem leads the section Risk Analysis and Research Coordination at the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP). In October 2020, he additionally became the Chief Risk Officer of the FOCP covering also the strategic risk management responsibility. His section is responsible for the implementation of the national strategy on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and the realization of risk and vulnerability assessments in critical sub-sectors based on the national strategy on the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks. In his responsibility, the section conducts a national disaster risk assessment covering an all-hazard approach including a comprehensive hazard catalogue, hazard files, impact and risk diagrams. It supports the Cantons (constituent states) with their civil protection related risk assessments and preparedness planning.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Daniel Caduff

Daniel Caduff
Head of the ICT Division at the Federal Office for National Economic Supply

Daniel Caduff studied political science, sociology and international law at the University of Zurich. During his studies he worked for a large Swiss internet provider. After several years in the IT service- and consulting industry, he joined the Federal Office for National Economic Supply FONES in 2014 as project manager for the National Strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber risks NCS. Since 2016, Daniel Caduff has been deputy head of the ICT Division at FONES. His work focuses on the development of ICT minimum standards for the operators of critical infrastructures, as well as on the development of further preventive and reactive measures at national level to improve the resilience of ICT infrastructure and services.

Speakers from the industry

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Philip Quade

Philip Quade
CISO at Fortinet

As Fortinet CISO, Philip Quade has responsibility for information security and leads strategy and expansion of Fortinet’s Federal and Critical Infrastructure business. He also serves as Strategic Consultant to Fortinet’s largest enterprise customers. Previously, he was the NSA Director’s Special Assistant for Cyber and Chief of the NSA Cyber Task Force, with responsibility for the White House relationship in Cyber. Earlier, he served as Chief Operating Officer of the Information Assurance Directorate at the NSA. He held a variety of roles earlier in his tenure at the NSA, including as the Head of the Information Operations Technology Center’s Advanced Technology Group, as a professional staffer to the US Senate, and in the Office of the Director for National Intelligence.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Erik Dinkel

Erik Dinkel
CISO at University Hospital Zurich

Erik Dinkel started at the University Hospital Zürich (USZ) as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in June 2018. Before he worked for more than 10 years at Credit Suisse as Risk Manager and Head of the Access Governance Center. Erik has a master’s degree in political science from the University Zurich and a CAS in Business Administration as well as a CAS in Information Security and a BSI certification as Information Security Officer.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Ivo Maritz

Ivo Maritz
CISO at BKW Energie AG, MSF Partners

Ivo Maritz studied civil engineering at the ETH Zurich and was subsequently assistant for computer science and then deputy head of the newly established IT Services at the University of Bern. After working for a major Swiss bank, he spent eleven years in various IT management positions for a large, globally active pharmaceutical group in Basel. Afterwards he was CTO/COO of a provider of telecom services for the business. Before Ivo Maritz joined BKW in 2014, he headed the ICT infrastructure organisation of a globally active industrial group. At BKW, as CIO he headed the Information & Communications Technology business unit with 160 employees and managed the company’s digital transformation. Since the beginning of 2017 he has been CSO/CISO, primarily managing BKW’s cyber security efforts.

Dr. Peter Friedli
Head of Defence at AWK Group AG

Dr. Peter Friedli is Head of Defence at AWK Group, an international and independent management and technology consulting company. He graduated from ETH Zurich with a PhD in Physics and a MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. He recently completed a CAS in Data Science at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. As Head of Defence, Peter overseas all activities at AWK Group for the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) and conducted a broad variety of projects and mandates in the public and defence sector in the last ten years. He served as intelligence officer in the rank of a captain within the Swiss Armed Forces.

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Dr. Vittorio Rosato

Dr. Vittorio Rosato
Head of the Laboratory for the Analysis and Protection of Critical Infrastructures, ENEA Casaccia Research Centre

Dr Vittorio Rosato is head of the Laboratory for Analysis and Protection of Critical Infrastructure at ENEA, Casaccia Research Centre (Rome, Italy). ENEA is the second largest research Institution in Italy. The APIC Laboratory is contained in the Dept. of Energy Technologies of ENEA which is committed in R&D in the different areas, from energy production (by fossil, nuclear and renewable sources), distribution, storage, dispatching and in the domain of physical and cyber protection of technological assets. APIC activities are mainly related to modelling of system of (inter)-dependent technological networks under constraints and perturbations (due to external events such as natural events, cyber attacks). He is currently Vice Chair of the 2E!SAC Association, committed to the realization in EU of the EISAC initiative. He has contributed to the establishment of the where he currently holds the position of Managing Director. He is a Condensed Matter Physicists and holds PhD from University of Nancy (France) and BSc Degree at the University of Pisa (Italy). He has been working as Research Associate at UCW Aberystwyth (UK) and at CEA Saclay Nuclear Research Centre (France).

Keynote Speaker - CRITIS 2021 - Alexandre Vautravers

Dr. Alexandre Vautravers
Security Expert, Senior Security Advisor, State of Geneva

Since 2015, Alexandre Vautravers has been a senior advisor at the Department of Security (DSES) of the State of Geneva. Colonel of the General Staff and deputy commander of the 1st Mechanized Brigade, Alexandre Vautravers has been editor-in-chief of the Revue militaire suisse (RMS+) since it celebrated its 150th anniversary of uninterrupted publication in 2006. Alexandre Vautravers created and coordinated the CAS / MAS program in Global Security and Conflict Resolution at the University of Geneva, after having taught at several universities in Accrah, Beijing, London, Oxford and Tehran. He has been teaching International Relations in Geneva since 2006. Doctor of History as well as in Economic Sciences, his fields of research and publication are international relations and security issues, the evolution of armed conflict, the evolution of technology and the arms industry.

Organizing Committee CRITIS 2021

Organizer - CRITIS 2021 - Alain Mermoud

Dr. Alain Mermoud
General chair, Scientific Project Manager at the Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T)

Alain Mermoud is the Head of Technology Monitoring and Forecasting at the CYD Campus. His main research interests are in the area of emerging technologies, disruptive innovations, (cyber) threat intelligence and the economics of (cyber) security. In 2019, he earned his PhD in Information Systems from HEC Lausanne. His PhD research focused on security information sharing and cooperation in the context of critical infrastructure protection. Prior to that, he worked 5+ years in the banking industry and as lecturer at ETH Zurich. He earned his MSc in Business Administration and his BSc in Information Science from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and obtained a MBA in Strategic Management and Business Intelligence from the Ecole de Guerre Economique in Paris. He also holds a militia Intelligence Officer position in the Military Intelligence Service of the Swiss Armed Forces with the rank of Major on active-duty.

Organizer - CRITIS 2021 - Dimitri Percia David

Dr. Dimitri Percia David
Program chair, EPFL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Geneva

Dimitri Percia David is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Geneva and an EPFL Cyber-Defence Campus Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow. His research topics are related to technology forecasting and market monitoring for cyberdefence. By adopting an econophysics approach, he analyses collective intelligence networks and cascading processes in complex systems in order to investigate and model the production-capability networks, the innovation structures and dynamics underlying the hype cycle of technologies. Prior to his current job, Dimitri was a researcher and scientific collaborator at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich, and a data analyst responsible of market-prices forecasting for a commodity trading company. Dimitri holds a PhD degree in Information Systems from HEC Lausanne. His PhD research focused on the economics of information-systems defense capability: material-, human-, and knowledge-resources acquisition for critical infrastructures.

Organizer - CRITIS 2021 - Thomas Maillart

Dr. Thomas Maillart
General co-chair, Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Geneva

Thomas Maillart aims to investigate, model and enhance human collective intelligence, through better understanding of incentives, structures and dynamics of social interactions online and in the physical world. In particular, Thomas is interested in the danger and opportunities arising from the fast expanding cyberspace. He holds a Master from EPFL (2005) and a PhD from ETH Zurich (2011). At ETH Zurich, Thomas received the Zurich Dissertation Prize in 2012 for his pioneering work on cyber risk and spent 2 years researching at the ETH Zurich Center for Law and Economics. Before joining the University of Geneva, he was a post-doctoral researcher at UC Berkeley until 2016. He co-founded a cybersecurity startup in 2005, and has consulted on cybersecurity for various governmental and private organizations.

Organizer - CRITIS 2021 - David Baschung

MSc David Baschung
Session chair for industrial/practical experience reports, Cyberdefence Researcher at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich

David Baschung is a scientific collaborator at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich where he is researching in the field of the economics of Cybersecurity. Prior of joining the Department of Defense Economics he was working 10+ years as a project manager and consultant in the financial and healthcare industry focusing on information security. David holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Product Development, Micro- & Nanotechnology,) from ETH Zürich.

Organizer - CRITIS 2021 - Kilian Cuche

MSc Kilian Cuche
Publicity, communication and sponsorship chair, Cyberdefence Researcher at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich

Kilian Cuche holds a BSc in Information Science and a MSc in Business Administration in Information Systems Management from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. In 2018, he started his career as a university trainee at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich. Kilian was also a scientific collaborator focusing on critical infrastructure protection and the publication of the “The Security of Critical Infrastructures” book by Springer. Today, Kilian is a project collaborator in cyberdefence management and works on the modelling of the Swiss cyber ecosystem in order to improve the efficiency of the Swiss cyberdefence. Kilian is also a board member and digital strategist at Swissintell, the Swiss association for Competitive Intelligence.