Social Events

Day 1 : Reception and Networking Event at the Cyber-Defence Campus (EPFL Innovation Park, Building I), incl. guided tour to learn about the exceptional history and design of the Rolex Learning Center and visit of the Musée Bolo, the EPFL computer museum. Participants of Day 2 are welcome!

Musée Bolo (EPFL)
The Swiss Museum of Computer Science, Digital Culture and Video Games is a private museum dedicated to the digital revolution, based at EPFL.

Day 2 : Conference Gala Dinner at Gina Ristorante , l’autentico ristorante italiano. Book your ticket now!

Day 3 : Visit of the EPFL ArtLab Exhibition (optional). Topic: Deep Fakes, Art and Its Double.

Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double poses crucial questions about the potency of digital replicas to absorb audiences in enduring emotional encounters with universal art treasures. This exhibition opposes the use of ‘deepfakes’ for manipulation and misinformation, to explore very different perspectives, reimagining objects through advanced computational techniques.